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Hire a Professional Locksmith

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 12:57 AM Comments comments (25)
The time to find a locksmith is not when you are desperate for them in an emergency situation.By not calling a professional locksmith you may be putting your home security and wallet at risk.
There is a growing problem across the country where these "Locksmith" companies are buying up local numbers and listing a fake address to make it appear they are a legitimate local locksmith. These companies will then give you a very very low price over the phone to have them come out, then end up charging upwards of 10-15 times more.
If you are not in our service area, please visit to be directed to the official website of the Massachusetts Locksmiths Association.
You will rest east knowing you hired a professional, like us here at Dabbs Lock, and that you were not ripped off.